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Mental Health Nurse

Mental Health Nurse

The Mental Health Nurse plays a vital role in the delivery of mental health-related healthcare services. The Mental Health Nurse is one of the key care providers for Mental Health patients since they are experts in assessing patients in order to identify and treat mental and emotional health conditions. Mental health nursing is divided into two levels: basic and advanced. As a Mental Health nurse, your job requirements will alter and increase as you obtain more experience and knowledge. The formation of patient rapport is critical for many people who are experiencing a mental health crisis, and the sooner this happens, as soon they join the healthcare system, the better.

What do Mental Health Nurses do?

            Mental health or psychiatric nursing at its most basic level is assessing emotional and mental health needs, diagnosing illnesses, and planning and implementing health interventions with communities, organizations, families, and individuals. Once a plan is in place, the Mental Health nurse will evaluate the effectiveness of any interventions or other healthcare programs on a regular basis to guarantee efficacy. Mental health nursing aims to restore, promote, and preserve mental and emotional well-being.

The services provided by the basic level Mental Health Nurse will include, but are not limited to:

  • Individuals, groups, and communities’ mental health needs are assessed
  • Mental and Emotional Health Disorders Diagnoses
  • Interventions in Mental Health Planning
  • Mental health policies and interventions must be implemented with care.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of implemented plans and activities.

How do you become a Mental Health Nurse?

            A mental health nurse requires a lot of skills and abilities to be able to perform their job adequately. The following is the requirements to become a mental health nurse:

  • Achieving a bachelor’s degree in nursing or mental health
  • Achieved a 3-year cognate experience
  • Advanced mental health nurses require a master’s degree in mental health

The following would be some skills that a mental health nurse would need to possess:

  • Ability to show their patients empathy and compassion
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Excellent communication skills to effectively treat their patients
  • Paying attention to detail is crucial
  • Build relations with their patients and be trustworthy

How much do Mental health Nurses make?

                A mental health nurse’s salary can have multiple factors that determine how much they make per year, such as education, certifications, and how much experience they have. But the average salary for an MHN in the United States as of 2021 is $129,000 but can range from $94,000 to $177,000.


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